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Rigid Substrate Direct Printing


Printed Corrugated Plastic

PVC Signs

Plexiglass Signs

Grab your customers attention with a plastic sign! Corrugated plastic signs are a lightweight and cost-effective visual communications solution, ideally suited for a wide variety of indoor and short-term outdoor uses.

Make a bright and colorful impression with our PVC full-color, high-definition printed signs! For indoor use. Easy to care for, as it is completely waterproof. Has a smooth satin finish without the glare or reflection. Lasts for decades indoors.

High Quality, Unbreakable Plexiglas Signs. Show Off Your Brand In Style. Made of transparent, white, or frosted shatter-resistant, 0.15" to 0.18” polycarbonate. A practical alternative to real glass signage. Can be used as indoor or outdoor signage.


Foam Board Signs

MDO Signs

Metal Aluminum Composite Signs

A sharp, professional look, combined with a super- lightweight design. Create clear, crisp prints. Ideal for trade shows, displays, photographic prints, or home decor. Medium Density Overlay plywood is ideal for the application of pressure-sensitive vinyl. Ideal for a 2 - 3 Year Temporary Building Signage for: • Commercial Real Estate Agents • Property Managers • Construction Firms For a modern, sleek and shiny look: Brushed or shinny aluminum finish is the way to go. If you need a full-color printed look, Di-bond comes in white and black colored aluminum sheets. • Made with high-end, scratch-resistant aluminum composite. • Two sheets of .012" aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. • Suitable for indoor or outdoor environments.

Polycarbonate Signs

Styrene Signs



LEXAN is an extremely versatile substrate with a gloss finish. It comes in a clear transparent look or white translucent color. - High impact resistant - Temperature resistant Applications include: Exterior sign faces, Office building signs, Directional and informational signage, and Trade show exhibits, among many others.

Styrene is a durable plastic flexible board suitable for long term POP Signage. We print directly on the Styrene substrate for a better, crisper image and clearer texts. Styrene is a great solution for indoor and outdoor use.





Printed Signs

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