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LED Message Displays


LED Message Displays

Our, LED message displays, AKA electronic message centers (EMC) are the most effective dynamic advertising medium and source for sharing community information available. Powered by advanced technology and vibrant LED displays, these signs are extremely effective forms of marketing and advertising. While the regular cabinet signs remain the same all day – showing just the same information that is printed on the acrylic faces – a dynamic LED sign changes to capture and recapture the public’s attention. The energy efficient and low maintenance EMC gives you the ability to announce new sales, specials, messages and community information, at any time and in any weather. They allow you to capitalize on the local audience passing by your location on a daily basis.

We have a variety of products to accomodate your budget: from effective simple text message displays to high-powered graphic screens; from monochrome, to multi-color, to full color; as well as a range of varied resolutions that will certainly accomodate to your needs. 

Our LED signs are known for their quality - both in the high-quality images they produce and for being very reliable.

LED Message Display Signs

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